Monday, December 15, 2008


i'm making some glass pendants with origami inside, and i decided to see how small i can go. this is where i got to tonight. (though i'm sure i can go smaller, i just need some sleep now...^-^)

i took a photo of the origami in a glass vial, on my keyboard, to illustrate the size.

my first online store

so i've been selling for a while now at local markets and such, however 2 weeks ago i finally listed some things on my etsy account. so far only a couple of sales, but hopefully it picks up as i list more things, such as the glass vial pendants from the previous post.

i'm going to fix up the banner, probably take more photos of different jewellery and make it more colourful. other than listing more things, i can't really think of any other improvements. i'm sure there are some to be made, and i'll think of them eventually. =)

you can find it at